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Come see why iRefract is the preferred provider of optometry services and eye care in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Our experienced team delivers the best and most convenient vision care and overall customer experience through our patient-first approach.

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Meet The Team

Dr. Grider

Dr. Grider
Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Donna Grider was born and raised in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. She received her undergraduate education from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA and continued her studies at The Pennsylvania College of Optometry, now Salus University, where she received her Doctorate of Optometry in 1999.

Prior to joining iRefract of Glen Mills, Dr. Grider worked as an independent primary care optometrist in Springfield, PA serving adult and pediatric patients of all ages. Dr. Grider joined iRefract in Glen Mills, PA in June 2022; when the clinic opened. In addition, Dr. Grider is a TPA certified optometrist and is licensed to treat and manage glaucoma. Her services include comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens fittings, eye health evaluations, and co-managing with local ophthalmic practices.

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